Life is full of challenges and sometimes it can feel as though these challenges can get the better of us. We all need support and care in order to live the life we want – a life that is meaningful and full of purpose.

The reality is, knowing how to get the most out of life and how to develop skills that increase well-being and decrease distress, are not easy to come by and are often difficult to implement successfully without the guidance of a professional.

One of the techniques I use, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), aims to teach a set of skills designed to create resilience as you navigate the challenges of life. Many events in life cannot be controlled, but our reaction to these events and the choices we make, can be.

Rather than focusing on reducing symptoms, ACT aims to teach you how to connect to what matters most in your life, how to take small steps towards making it happen, how to be present in the moment and how to deal with the thoughts your mind constantly generates.

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