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Many people today search for life coaching Brisbane as they are looking for something.  They want changes in their lives and they are looking out of the box for solutions.  Not everyone wants to go to traditional therapy such as Counsellors, Psychotherapists or Psychologists as they feel these services are limited to thinking about mental health in a certain way.

People looking for life coaching Brisbane are often looking for help to take their lives to the next level.  They are usually already successful in many areas of their lives but want to take it even further.  A Life Coach can help you do that by teaching you how to unlock your true potential.

Other health professionals have different techniques for change.  Counsellors listen, Psychologists use theory and research and some given advice.  But if you have searched for life coaching Brisbane I’m guessing that you want something more dynamic than that.

I am very heavily trained as a therapist but I have changed my focus towards teaching people Life Skills and being on top of their mental game, known as a Mind Coach.  I did this as I found that the methodology behind the professions is different.

Mental health professions view problems that are different to what is considered normal.  You can be labelled or categorised according to a disorder you may (or may not) have.  You are usually given tools to help you change but the environment is the problem.

When I see clients the feeling in the air is that of change.  Anything can be changed.  There are no labels just observations and curiosity about why you are the way you are and how you can instead choose to be a new way instead.  More in line with a turbo charged life coach.

I am lucky that my extensive personal and professional experience allows me to adapt and adjust my skills to suit you and what you’d like to change.  It’s important when searching life coaching Brisbane that you find someone with a high degree of skills through accredited and credible institutes.

I have 10 years of training backing my service plus I have worked on myself personally for 14 years changing my own life dramatically including career change, relationship change, self esteem change as well as many others (for my full story click here).

So if you are searching life coaching Brisbane as you want to make changes to your life you have come to the right place.  I walk my talk and if you are serious and committed I can help you.

I offer many free downloads on my website as well as plenty of free information to help you grow and learn.  Please click here for more information.

I hope you have enjoyed this post on life coaching Brisbane.  I’m sorry for having to say life coaching Brisbane all the time but I must do that so Google will like me J