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Life Coaching Brisbane – be the best you can be …


Life Coaching (Brisbane) is a combination of life coaching, life skills coaching, high level mind coaching, problem solving, psychotherapy and goal setting.  It’s about pin pointing what is not working and figuring out a plan to help get you moving in the right direction again.

I work in a minimum of 2 hour sessions as anything less is a waste of your time and mine.  2 hours allows enough time to dig deep and problem solve leaving you with tangible solutions to move forward with.  I do however offer 1 hour introductory consultations if you’d like to initially make sure we are the right fit for each other.

There are no prerequisites to booking a Life Coaching (Brisbane) session except for wanting to change and being ready to do the work.  I can also tailor sessions for you and include workbooks from my Programs or Human Design readings.


So what if I want to book a Coaching session?

Give me a call or send me an email letting me know a brief outline of what you want to achieve in your session, how long you would like your session to be and what you would like included (for example program materials or Human Design reading).  In this way we make sure we are on the same page and have a clear agenda in mind.  Then we just book your time.

Currently in 2013 I am working Wednesday to Friday during school hours which means my first appoint is at 9.45 am and I finish for the day at 2 pm.  I work from Brookfield which is about 25 minutes from Brisbane city.

Structure your time depending on how many things you want to talk about.  2 hours is good for one main issue or an introductory session plus a Human Design reading.  3 hours is good for 1-2 issues plus a Human Design reading.  You can also book a Human Design reading or introductory session on it’s own if that is your preference.


What is the cost?

1 hour introductory session $150
1 hour Human Design reading $150
2 hour Life Coaching session $300
3 hour Life Coaching session $400





So if you want results you’ve come to the right place.  Everything I have learnt is the latest in what works and what gets you the results you want in less time.