Do you want to increase your well-being?

Would you like to focus on living a life that matters?

Do you need strategies as well as someone to listen?


Life is full of challenges and at times these challenges can get the better of us.  The good news is, everyone is on this ride called life and at times we need to get expert help to get us moving back in the right direction, towards what matters to us and what makes us feel fulfilled.

For some reason, people often feel they should be able to solve their own problems or know what skills they need to build.  But would you try to fix your own car if you weren’t a mechanic and it had broken down?  More than likely you’d take it to a mechanic, an expert with cars.

Get a professional working for you today.

The reality is, knowing how to get the most out of life and how to develop skills that increase well-being and decrease distress, are not easy to come by and are often difficult to implement successfully without the guidance of a professional.

I tailor sessions to suit each individual client using using a wide range of modalities, including empirically based methods, such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness and Schema Therapy.

Individually tailored sessions mean results specific for you.

Sessions aim to teach a set of skills that research has found essential for dealing with the challenges of life, such as values-driven behaviour, present moment awareness, self-reflective awareness and acceptance.

There are many areas of life where people need help that I see in my practice.  Click each word below to see more information about that topic.

What does it cost?

1 hour individual psychotherapy session $100

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