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Assessment Fees

Autism and ADHD Assessments

My books are open for assessment and I am booking roughly 4 months in advance.

I do not see children for assessment (or therapy) and am unable to provide referral options. I will not be able to respond to emails received regarding this.

I am passionate about assessment and have loved it for a long time. I enjoy being able to look closely into something and work out how to fit everything together to tell a story about a person's life. It is a deeply empowering process for me and my client as they discover who they are. I believe that when we can really know ourselves, we can really learn how to thrive in life.

My assessments are affirming and informal. They feel like a conversation and place to share information. I use validated assessment measures and have based my process on the highest standard and I continue to get supervision in order to increase my learning.

Assessments are conducted face to face in Pullenvale (Monday's 1.00pm or Tuesday's 12.00pm AEST) or via telehealth (same times plus Wednesday's 9.00am AEST). These times are all Brisbane, Queensland time. Please note these times are subject to change.

I specialise in assessing individuals who have escaped diagnosis due to not presenting in "expected" ways. This includes individuals who have learnt to mask and copy extensively and who have conformed to behave in ways that make it more likely they will fit in (despite never feeling they fit in). It also includes others who have received diagnoses that are a poor fit or who have engaged in treatment for a diagnoses with little result or benefit.

I also assess people with Complex Trauma and other diagnoses (e.g., Borderline or Bipolar) that can mask the presence of neurodivergence. Diagnoses for additional conditions are not always possible within the assessment but will be teased out.

At this stage I do not do psychosocial assessments.

Please note my books for therapy are currently closed for 2024 and I cannot guarantee you that I can see you for both therapy and assessment. My ability to not take on new clients is likely to continue to be low as I reduce my load to manage my own wellbeing and practice sustainably.

To book an appointment:

  • Reach out using the "make an enquiry" button below or use my contact form.

  • Please provide your mobile number as I am unable to book without this (not to call you, for your booking reminders).

  • Your preferred way of attending your appointment (e.g., face to face or online).

  • A preferred day if you have one (e.g., Monday 1pm, Tuesday 12pm, Wednesday 9am).

  • What type of assessment you would like noting any other areas for investigation (e.g., Autism and/or ADHD plus PDA, BPD, Bipolar, trauma, OCD etc).

  • Any questions you have that are not covered in my FAQs.

This will save administrative burden and back and forth emails.

Note: information provided is for clarity and is direct in nature to avoid confusion, reduce administrative burden, and to save spoons.

A note about language: please avoid using the term ASD with me (and others) as this is not affirming and not preferred by the neurodivergent community. The terms Autism and Autistics are preferred. Reports do not contain this terminology or stigmatising language with a deficit lens as this is not in line with the neurodiversity affirming paradigm. Paradoxically, ADHD is still the term chosen by ADHDers as usually the D is ignored and the acronym rolls off the tongue more (for most).

ADHD Assessment (17+ and Adults)

  • Comprehensive assessment including clinical interview and executive function assessments.

  • Requires 2 hour telehealth/face to face interview. Other assessments are completed online. 

  • Assessments (guide only): ADHD screener (ASRS), executive function (BRIEF, CAARS2/Conners 4), DIVA clinical interview, Autism screeners, other relevant assessments (e.g., trauma, BPD, OCD, Bipolar).

  • Full report with recommendations and diagnoses (if applicable). 

  • Ability to email me with any questions.

  • $1500

Autism Assessment (17+ and Adults)

  • Comprehensive assessment including clinical interview, screeners, adaptive functioning assessment, sensory profile, PDA, interception, burnout, and trauma.

  • Requires 2-2.5 hour telehealth/face to face interview. Other assessments are completed online. 

  • Assessments: Autism screeners, PDA assessment, repetitive behaviours assessment, masking questionnaire, sensory profile, interception assessment, MIGDAS interview, other relevant assessments (e.g., trauma, BPD, OCD, Bipolar).

  • Full report with recommendations and diagnoses (if applicable). Suitable for NDIS and DSP.

  • Ability to email me with any questions.

  • $1700

Autism and ADHD Assessment (17+ and Adults)

  • As above.

  • 2.5 hour telehealth/face to face interview.

  • $2200

Frequently Asked Questions

Psychological Assessment

How can I be referred?


Referral can be made by your GP, psychiatrist, or other allied health professionals. You can also self refer. 

Can you get Medicare rebates for assessments?


Medicare rebates are available for individuals under 25 years when referred by a paediatrician or psychiatrist. The referral must be for a "complex neurodevelopmental assessment". The rebate is approximately $320. Please let me know on enquiring if you have a referral.

GP referrals or mental health care plans are not acceptable under Medicare rules for any portion of the assessment process. A referral is not needed for an assessment.

Some private heath funds may offer a rebate for assessment, however this is unlikely. Please enquire with your health fund to see if this is possible. I do not have any item codes (sometimes they ask for this) and you may need to explain the difference between assessment and therapy to see if they cover assessment.

When do I need to pay for my assessment?

You do not need to pay anything when booking your assessment. I ask that if you do need to cancel, you give me as much notice as possible (minimum 5 days) so I can offer the appointment to someone else in need and give them adequate time to prepare.

On the day of your assessment, a 50% payment will be required. You can pay this via credit or debit card or via bank transfer. When your report is completed (approximately 6 weeks), you then pay the final instalment.

Please reach out if you expect you will need more time to pay for your appointment so we can come up with a plan.

Reports cannot be issued before full payment has been made.

How do I access medication for ADHD?


If you are diagnosed with ADHD and would like to try medication, you will need to be referred to a psychiatrist. Your GP can provide you with a referral to a psychiatrist and if you have been assessed, you can take your report to them. If your diagnosis is formal (and not provisional which means there was not enough information to formalise it) you will be able to receive your medication using the PBS. 

You do not need this assessment to obtain medication or to see a psychiatrist. Some psychiatrists will provide medication without thorough assessment or will do their own form of assessment and this differs between psychiatrists. It is a good idea to speak to the psychiatrist's office whom you wish to consult to query their process and if a full psychological assessment would be useful.

You can get a referral and see a psychiatrist and not be assessed by a psychologist at all. This is your choice. 


A benefit of being assessed by a psychologist is it will be an in-depth assessment and it may be more likely to result in diagnosis (if applicable), if you are an individual that has not presented in stereotypical ways or if you have not been able to get health practitioners to take your concerns seriously.


These assessments are also helpful in helping you understand your neurotype and work out what types of scaffolds are needed and what to focus on in therapy (which often is not provided by a psychiatrist).

Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions about this.

What do I need to provide to book?


To book, I ask for your name, email, and mobile number. I treat this information confidentially and will not release it to others or use it in any way other than for the purpose of your assessment. I will not call you unless it is necessary and will primarily use text and email to communicate. Your mobile number is needed for system reminders and as part of my process that is designed to make administration easier for me. 

On booking, I provide you with links to privacy and consent forms to complete. It is appreciated if these are completed at the time of booking so I do not have to chase you, so you can get reminders for appointments, and so other details can be set in your profile (e.g., pronouns, time zone).

How is the testing and interview portion completed?


The interview takes place in my clinic (e.g., face to face) or via telehealth (secure video platform). Depending in the type of assessment the interview takes 2 to 2.5 hours. 

One to two weeks before your appointment, you will be sent some online forms and screeners to complete, which take approximately 1-2 hours to complete. These can be done at your home at a time convenient to you but need to be submitted 3 days prior to your assessment. Generally the preparation is not sent out earlier to keep it close to the appointment date for assessment integrity.

It is natural to worry about completing the forms and want to get "everything" in there. Please consider that I do not need extensive information and the forms are a guide to get me started. I will ask you everything I need to know during the interview.

After your interview, you will be emailed additional online assessments to complete within 1-2 weeks.


My assessments are comprehensive and allow for a solid diagnosis (if applicable) that cannot be easily dismissed.

How long does it take to get the report?


Report turnaround is approximately 6 weeks from date of testing but it can be shorter or longer than this depending on the time of year. For example, over Christmas there is usually a delay with reports as I take 4 weeks off and do not work at this time. Other times I may complete your report early due to some stroke of luck.

As soon as the report is completed, I will send you my invoice. Please note full payment is required prior to the report being released.

If you meet criteria for an Autism diagnosis, I will give you a letter on completion of your interview so you can apply for NDIS whilst waiting for my full report. NDIS funding is not guaranteed.

What is in a report?


Reports are very detailed and consist of background information, test scores, interpretation of results, recommendations for treatment, and any relevant diagnoses. They are approximately 12 to 20 pages long and can be passed on to relevant people to aid in treatment (e.g., schools, universities, workplaces, NDIS). A short version of your report can also be requested.

Do you guarantee NDIS or DSP funding?

NDIS is an interesting beast and at best it is unpredictable and largely dependent on who processes your application and who does your interview. Due to this I am unable to guarantee funding for NDIS or DSP or guarantee what services will be offered and paid for.


However, I have had a lot of success in the past with clients I have assessed being able to access both services (DSP with report plus psychiatrist letter) and my reports are comprehensive and meet NDIS and DSP requirements. I will also help you in any way I can with your application.

Do you provide AARA's for high school students?


AARA's will be provided for your high school student at no extra cost when required (usually senior students). This document provides the school with specific recommendations for your student on adjustments they will require in order to succeed during school and are lodged with QCAA.

The short version of your report can be provided to university to avoid having to give over the whole report. Please request this after you have had your assessment.

Can I attend the appointment with my loved one?

You are able to bring someone to your appointment if it makes you feel more comfortable. This could be a partner, parent, or friend. They are able to come into the interview with you as moral support or are able to wait outside taking in the views.

For parents with tweens and teens, you are able to attend the appointment if your child prefers this. If prefer to do it alone, I will schedule another time to speak to you.

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